The remarkable quality of the various bulls was both nationally and internationally acknowledged, during a period of over 65 years. To name but a few, let’s point out Caramel, Obelix, Uniforme or even Jabusse and at present, Hameau and Louis.

Caramel was born April 7th, 1987 in the farm owned by Roger Lesseche, the son of Voyou and grandson of Grand Duc and the very winner of the auction at Limoges, back in 1988. It was acknowledged both

nationally and internationally wise, for its impressive physical condition, and breeding capacity too.

Gladiador standed out among Caramel’s offsprings, and this is the reason why, it was sold later on, for semen usage purposes.

As for Jabusse, it was born February 19th, 1994 at its breeder’s Sarl Saint Pierre Limousine farm, the son of Duvalier and the grandson of Sombrero. The importance of the former was unquestionable, due to the production of females whose offspring embody, to this day, a considerable part of our cow herd.

As far as Obelix is concerned – born January 8, 1998 at the Gaec Dessala farm, the son of Festin and the grandson of Tetu – it is worth noting that it represented an added value for Casa Mexia Castelo Branco. It actually ranked second, for three times, at the Paris Agricultural Exhibition. Vulcão standed out among its offspring, for its role as a breeder of our cow herd.


Regarding Uniforme, born November 4th, 2003 at Gaec de Ville Es Bruyere’s farm and the grandson of the well known Harricot, it was doubtlessly one of our best bulls as for late, producing first class females.

As for Fakir, born November 4th, 2003 at Gaec Launay’s, the son of Udin and the grandson of Turbot, it is worth noting its iconic nature to which its bondage to the maternal line of our herd bares witness, specially as far as the offspring of Uniform are concerned.

The number of calves it actually produced, confirms its undeniable quality.

Hameau, born January 22nd, 2012 at the Lycee Agricole farm is, nowadays, unquestionably our best performing bull. It is the son of Eh Bin and the grandson of Neuf, the heads of two of the main insemination lines in France.


Last but not least, let us mention Louis, born November 4th, 2015 at Earl Brue – la Griminiere’s, the grandson of both Bavardage and Simon, representing with Latino, our bets of late.

Both Hameau and Louis have attendended various Agricultural Exhibitions countrywide, being acknowledged by their gentleness and being hand driven by Mr. Guilhermino Pinto.

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